The administration platform made for tutoring businesses

From matching students to managing sessions, HashtagTutors has the solution to simplify your administrative life.

Learn how HashtagTutors can make your
administrative tasks simpler, quicker, and smarter.

Simplify your revenue and HR expenses

With our easy to understand graphs you can quickly predict how much revenue you can expect, and how many hours you will pay your tutors. We simplify your financial planning so you can focus on your growth.

Save time on your student intake process

Enter your intake information once and predictive pairing will suggest the best tutor matches. Then easily send the student’s information the tutor of your choice. Cut you in-take process time in half with our integrated system.

Never miss a student or tutor follow up

Make your touch points smarter by pre-scheduling all your follow ups. From ensuring a student’s satisfaction, to confirming a tutor match. Students and tutors will know they’re your first priority through planned check-ins.

Start managing your tutoring business simpler, quicker, and smarter.

Plans & Pricing

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What is EAP?

Our Early Adapter Program (EAP) is meant to reward our first customers with discounted pricing and, most importantly, enhanced support.

Our Early Adapters will be in direct contact with our development team. They will define the direction of the product, have input on development priorities, and be in regular contact with our management team.

Current EAP Status
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EAP Monthly

$50 /month
$25 /month   Save 50%
100 Tutors
Unlimited Students
Priority Support
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EAP Annual

$40 /month
$20 /month   Save 50%
100 Tutors
Unlimited Students
Priority Support
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